Life in ALASKA!

Here is a very small snap shot of our life in Alasak for Christina and I!

The Secret Spot

Today was a weird wind day. We had plenty of SE wind at 20 mile and Bird Point but it was not reaching McHugh Creek...

Rapid Magazine Cover

I have loved a lot of sports in life. My Mom introduced me to so many of these sports when I was young I could never thank her enough...

20 Mile and Bird Point

Christina and I headed on down to 20 Mile river today to find some wind...

McHugh Creek Alaska

Before we tried the very light winds out at McHugh we went just a few yards down the road to McHugh Creek...

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Snap Shot in Alaska!

Life in Alaska was exciting and amazing! But Nala sums it all up in a great picture below! We had so much fun it became exhausting....

SOOOOO Since Nala really can not sum it all up... Here is a snap shot of a bunch of photos from ALASKA.

Secret Spot Alaska

Portage Glacier, AK

Hatcher's Pass

Anchor Point, AK

Turnagain Arm, AK

Whitter Tunnel, AK

McHugh Point, AK

Rainbow Trail, AK

Alyeska Resort, AK

Eklutna Lake, AK

Seward, AK

Alyeska, AK

Homer, AK

Portage Lake, AK

Turnagain Arm, AK

Eklutna Lake, AK

Valdez, AK

Anchorage, AK

Bird Point, AK

Denali, AK

Falls Trail Creek Hike

Learning to Kite!

Monday, July 8, 2013

Homer Alaska Trip (Part 1)

Christina and I have decided that we want to head back to Oregon to be closer to family. With this decision we knew that we needed to see some places in Alaska before we left. So, with that in mind, we headed down the Kenai Peninsula to Homer AK. This has been one of the many places for Christina and I to see before we left Alaska.

Our mission for the trip. KITING of course! But in all truthfulness we really just wanted to see the area before we left one of the most amazing places on earth. To get a little idea of the photos below we started at Summit Lake about 1 hour 30 minutes from Anchorage. Then moved down to Anchor Point, AK which is about 4 hours away from Achnorage. From Anchor Point we could drive about 15 minutes into Homer, AK. We decdied to stay at Anchor Point for 2 reasons. 1: We had an absolutely amazing campground. 2: No one was AROUND!

To further understand our excitement for the lack of people you have to understand Alaska in the summer. Anchorage goes from 350,000 people to over 3+ million during the summer. The amount of RVs you see is endless. So to find a place for Christina and I with few people is priceless during the summer. So below are a few pictures from the beginning of our trip down to Homer.